Anyone Can Be an Artist at The Painted Toad

The Painted Toad Art Studio in Marine City, Michigan gives customers a chance to explore their creative side in a fun and supportive environment.

Owner Rose Gottler said that she got started with her business as an online art studio in 2020. She said that she wanted to share her love of creating art and wanted to teach people that you don’t have to be an “artist” to enjoy all the benefits of art making. It also allowed Gottler to do what she’s always wanted to do: create.

Rose Gottler

Now with a storefront studio at 312 S Water Street Suite 2, Gottler said that opening an art studio in downtown Marine City is a dream come true. She said, “I’m bringing the fun of creating art to St Clair County.”

Gottler is offering art camps this summer, with full-day and half-day options. She also offers parties and events. She said, “When you book or attend an event at The Painted Toad Art Studio everything is set up and provided for a wonderful painting experience. Each attendant gets his/her own apron to wear, a canvas or project surface that is prepared with the design, a set of quality brushes to use, paper towel, a paper palette, and a cup of water for rinsing.”

Gottler continued, saying, “For canvas painting events, a color-printed reference picture of the design is included at each place. I paint along with my customers, showing them exactly what colors to use, how to move the paintbrush, and providing tips & tricks to make the painting process easy peasy. It is my goal at each painting event for every painter to leave proud of their paintings and excited to hang them up when they get home.”

Getting to relax and be in the moment is part of the appeal of the painting parties. Gottler said that she loves it when her customers are able to make connections with each other and leave painting events with a new friend or two.

For those who don’t consider themselves to be very artistic, the Painted Toad is a safe zone. Gottler said, “You do not need to be skilled in drawing or painting to enjoy an event at The Painted Toad. I do everything I can to make painting events stress-free and enjoyable for anyone that comes, which includes; preparing canvases or projects ahead of time with the design already drawn on, teaching projects in an easy-to-follow step-by-step process, allowing for individual creativity, and assisting anyone that needs help with their painting or project.”

Gottler knows what she’s doing. She said, “Unlike other paint & sip franchises, the designs I teach are either created by me or licensed by other amazing artists. The paintings and projects I offer are chosen with care so that my customers will be proud to display them, instead of tossing them in a closet. I have a Master’s in teaching and taught professionally for over 15 years, so even if you have zero artistic talent, I can guide you through a painting from start to finish so that you will have beautiful results.”

The Painted Toad is the perfect spot for birthdays, scout troops, fundraisers, ladies’ nights, and more. You choose the theme and Gottler provides you with various painting design and project options to choose from. There are also options to include food, beverages, and/or other special add-ons provided by local businesses that partner with The Painted Toad. 

Soon, The Painted Toad will be expanding into a new space in the same building and will offer open studio hours for walk-in creating and more. Click the link to contact The Painted Toad.

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