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Teamwork. Sportsmanship. Graceful winning. Graceful losing. Skill-building. Confidence-building.

These are just some of the benefits of extra-curricular activities. The Blue Water Area has a wide variety of sports, music, dance, performing arts, fine arts, and other options for kids.

As a parent, there is little that is more rewarding than watching your child experience success in an activity. Whether it is conquering stage fright to perform at a recital or show, earning a badge in scouting, scoring a goal after weeks of practice, making a basket, earning a new belt in martial arts, or hitting all the right notes on a musical instrument, it is one of the best parts of the parenting journey.

Many lifelong friendships among families are made at the hockey arena, soccer field, or dojang.

Extra-curriculars like sports, dance, gymnastics, music, and much more, are vital to the growth and development of children, and provide a crucial connection to other families.

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