Blue Water Jump Zone Launches Mobile Inflatable Rentals

Blue Water Jump Zone is enjoying success as a fun destination in Birchwood Mall. The mall storefront houses five giant inflatables where kids can jump and explore for a fixed amount of time, or all day.

Blue Water Jump Zone owner, Stephanie Seaman, said that her business is doing really well and serves as a destination for birthday parties, family fun nights, and as a way for kids to burn off some energy. Seaman has noticed an increase in foot traffic in the mall, which also helps to get the word out about Blue Water Jump Zone.

Now, families can turn their backyards into their own personal Jump Zone with the launch of the mobile Jump Zone rental option.

Seaman said that she got the inspiration for the indoor bounce house from her time living in South Florida, where they are all the rage. Her partner, Keith Shannon, talked her into the mobile inflatable rental business, and since its launch this year, it has taken off beyond expectations.

Seaman said that their six mobile bounce houses have been booked consistently over the past few weekends and that they get many inquiries. Customers can rent the bounce houses for a minimum of eight hours, and Blue Water Jump Zone offers discounts for multiple bounce house rentals.

For all the details, check out the Blue Water Jump Zone website or take a look at their Facebook page.

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