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Choosing the Right Preschool

Now is the time to start thinking about preschool for your child for next year. It might seem early, but Preschools begin planning now to set staff and rates for the next school year. You will start seeing Open Houses and preschool advertising in February and March.

What should you look for in a preschool? We asked Amy Wonner, owner of NotJust Play Early Childhood Academy in St. Clair, Michigan, for her thoughts on the important task of choosing a preschool. Here’s what she said:

Things to Consider When Choosing a Preschool:

1) Tour the facility.  Get a feel for the environment.  Safety is paramount.

2) Is the facility licensed by the State of Michigan and do they have any reports or corrective action plans filed against the staff or facility?

3) Look for a curriculum that is play-based and focuses on the social/emotional development of the child.

4) Look for a facility that is clean and well-organized. 

5) Ask about the background of the teachers like degrees, experience, etc.

6) Ask about staff turnover. Happy, well-qualified staff will not want to leave.

7) Does the school value a smaller classroom size? Are rooms maxed out, or is the student-to-teacher ratio smaller than what the state requires?

8) Are Field Trips offered as part of the curriculum?

9) How does the school/staff communicate with families?

10) Find out how long the school has been open and read reviews about the school and staff.

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