Road Trip 101

Spring break time is road trip time. “Getting there” can be half the fun. Or not. Planning ahead is a deal-breaker when it comes to making the most of all that family togetherness in a confined space.

We teamed up with Blue Water area travel guru, Theresa Winters of Faraway Places Travel, to get some tips on keeping kids occupied in the car and keeping the bickering and “Are we there yet?” at bay.

Winters said to keep the kids comfortable on a long car trip by bringing pillows, blankets, and any stuffed animal companions that bring your child comfort. She also suggested books, word finds, games like BopIt and Simon (even though they might drive you crazy), and road trip scavenger hunt games. You can make up a game beforehand or just make up the game as you drive.

Winters also said to think about the technology that you bring. Make sure to download things that do not need wifi if you don’t have a data plan. Don’t forget the headphones. Downloaded movies, mind games, and two-person games can keep the kids busy when they aren’t looking out the windows.

Winters said that she sometimes connects Bluetooth so that the movie plays in surround sound in the car to make it a little more exciting.

Snacks. That’s a whole category. Winters said that she packs a cooler full of her favorites. When she gets to the hotel, she rolls it to the room in a luggage cart, drains the water in the tub, and refills it with ice from the hotel ice machine.

Winters says that she keeps her favorite snacks in the front seat with her, and the kids have their snacks in the back, but she recommends keeping the coveted sugary snacks in the front seat and doling them out as needed.

Winters also advised thinking about Dramamine, the medication that helps with motion sickness. She said, “Know your kids. After about six hours my kids get a bit car sick. We either stop for the day or they take Dramamine before the 4-hour point.”

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